Structuring Investments

Glidepath invests in existing, unfilled equity or bridge loan offerings and structures and leads new preferred equity and bridge investments. We also lead recapitalizations and invest via secondary transactions.

Glidepath typically invests from $2 to $5 million in an initial round. We generally invest via convertible preferred stock though we also participate in bridge notes. Terms will vary depending on the existing capitalization, industry conditions and company trajectory.

Working with Companies

We are eager to share our extensive networks and operational and financial expertise with our portfolio companies in any useful manner. We do not, however, seek to remake businesses. Per our investment policy, Glidepath only invests in companies that are delivering effective products and services to their customers.

We view the role of the board as far more than a means to get updates. We seek to support our CEOs and make them more effective, not to simply burden with them with one more reporting relationship.

Glidepath seeks opportunities where we can:

  • Disinterestedly price an insider-led round
  • Strengthen a strained balance sheet
  • Participate in mezzanine equity rounds
  • Replace excessive leverage
  • Lead a recapitalization where appropriate
  • Provide a more attractive alternative to punitive insider terms
  • Offer liquidity to an existing investor